Featured Poem: The Voices in My Head by Kim Addonizio

Kim Addonizio

The Voices in My Head

God is a mental doll, the first one says.

Another says, what is that,

a doll in the mind

or a doll out of its mind?

The mind of God, says a third,

cannot be known.

But then again, says one more, look around:

tornado-flattened church,

coffins swirling in the floodwaters.

Does that give you any clues?

Doll with a skull in one hand

and in the other, pink clouds.

The plane flies over them, held aloft

by the fact that God chooses

not to drop it.

That’s three hands, a voice says:

skull, cloud, plane.

In the fourth hand a bag of mini-pretzels.

Above the seat back in front of you

a small head appears,

then a toddler’s face,

her eyes maybe proof of something.


From Five Points Volume 13.3



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